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We at Atelier Moore Frères trace our history back to before 2022, where co-founder Seth T. Moore opened his own leather goods business. He specialized, and still specializes to this day, in custom-made leather items such as bags, pouches, wallets, and even museum-grade military replicas. His work is characterized by perfectionism: Seth uses only the finest, natural leathers and threads and follows to the tee the client's demands or original patterns. Seth has a long list of experience to his name, and has produced countless individualized leather items, both big and small. Further, he has drawn and produced leather goods following his own designs.

Co-founder Garrett L. Moore specializes in creating bespoke, hand-crafted fine and fashion jewelry. Garrett has created many cast, hand-finished pieces made of various materials and made conforming to different styles. Like Seth, he is meticulous in the materials used and pays great attention to detail to ensure that a client's needs are fully and completely met. Garrett also has made many pieces following his own "in-house" designs.

Garrett and Seth Moore combined their skills into one entity: the Atelier Moore Frères (which means, when interpreted, "Workshop of the Moore Brothers"). This "merger," for lack of a better word, was done in order to allow us to continue to progress our skills and diversify our styles in order to reach the tastes of more clients. Our merger has allowed us to consolidate our clientele and more effectively market our wares.


Atelier Moore Frères is founded on three princicples: handmade tradition, prestige, and exact fulfillment of our individual clients' needs:

  • Handmade Tradition: Our dedication to our hand-made products helps distinguish us from bigger jewelry and leather manufacturers and designers; each of our products are made solely by hand, without assistance from complicated machinery and computers. This allows us to create traditionally-styled, traditionally-built products that are easier to conform to a client's wishes. Our low-quantity production statement enables us also to put much more time and effort into individual pieces, which amounts to pieces of greater quality and appearance.
  • Exact Fulfillment of Clients' Needs: We are bound by our individual clients' needs. In other words, we produce one-off pieces that are fully customized and specified by our clients. However, we do offer limited quantities of pre-made items in order to showcase our craftsmanship and design skills.
  • Prestige: Our hand-made tradition and bespoke production arrangements make our products prestigious; we produce one-off and limited-quantity items of precious and semi-precious metals and alloys, stones, and custom designs— all hand-made! When a client requests a piece, they are not simply buying a pre-made item sitting on a shelf: they are commissioning a piece of art that is unique to its commissioner.

We at Atelier Moore Frères are bound by our strict commitment to client satisfaction, and offer a two-month full-reimbursement warranty on all products, no questions asked (given the bespoke nature of our products, they cannot be replaced with an exact copy— therefore, we refund all of the customer's money upon return of the original item). For more information, please reach out to us!


The designs of Atelier Moore Frères are influenced by traditional and historically-influential styles as well as more modern and innovative ones; this creates a rather unique blend of old and new— timeless yet exciting. Even in custom-specified pieces, our more distinctive style can be seen. More precisely, we draw our inspiration from ancient, late XIXé-early XXé century, and modern haute couture designs.

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